Priority areas for the Master's degree programme Theological Specialisation - study code: UA066 795

Master's programme "Advanced Theological Studies" - Specialisation in Orthodox Theology

The Master's programme ATS - Orthodox Theology offers a unique specialisation in the field of Orthodox theology in Austria. The four-semester Master's programme offers a methodologically as well as content-wise expanded, scientific view of important historical, systematic, practical but also biblical questions of Orthodox theology.

Interested students are asked to contact the representative of Orthodox theology at the faculty (Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Ioan Moga) at the beginning of their studies in order to take into account their special interests and focal points when designing the curriculum and to receive suggestions for the Master's thesis.


The modules M1 and M2 provide the theological-philosophical and religious studies foundation.

The individual orthodox focus is set in the modules M3 to M5. 

Modul M3: 14 ECTS


VO Orthodox Exegesis of the New Testament: 3 ECTS
VO Basic Course in Patrology: 3 ECTS
VO Advanced Course in Patrology: 3 ECTS
SE Theology and Spirituality of the Eastern Church Fathers: 5 ECTS

Modul M4: 20 ECTS


VO Orthodox Dogmatics I: 3 ECTS
VO Orthodox Dogmatics II: 3 ECTS
SE Fundamental Theological Questions from an Orthodox Perspective: 5 ECTS
VO Current Topics in Orthodox Moral Theology and Social Ethics: 3 ECTS
VO Church History - Orthodox Church: 3 ECTS

VO Orthodox Liturgy and Sacramental Theology: 3 ECTS

Modul M5: 20 ECTS


Seminar in the field of Orth. Theology (e.g. SE on topics of Orthodox liturgy and sacramental theology, 5 ECTS): 5 ECTS.
Sacramental Theology, 5 ECTS): 5 ECTS
Seminar in the field of theology and history of the Christian East (e.g. SE Ecumenical theology from the perspective of the Eastern Church): 5 ECTS
Theology from an Eastern Church Perspective, 5 ECTS): 5 ECTS
2 seminars in the field of Orthodox religious education and/or subject didactics: (SE or UE
Orthodox religious education at secondary schools and Bible didactics, 3 ECTS and SE or UE
Orthodox subject didactics, 3 ECTS): Total 6 ECTS
Further courses (e.g. VU Practical Orthodox Theology, 4 ECTS): 4 ECTS

The Master's thesis must be written in the field of Orthodox theology.