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Team f.l.t.r.: Wiedl, Uhryn,Németh, Moga, Heith-Stade


 The Department of Theology and History of the Eastern Churches deals in research and teaching with:

  • Orthodox Churches
  • Eastern Catholic Churches
  • Oriental Orthodox Churches
  • Patrology

It inscribes itself in a continuous research tradition at the University of Vienna (Eastern Church Law at the Faculty of Law since 1867, Eastern Church Studies and Patristics at the Faculty of Catholic Theology since 1975).

Against the background of the strong presence of Eastern Churches in Austria (Orthodoxy in second place among churches and religious communities) and the importance of the location for ecumenism, the department forms an important European interface of teaching and research in the field of Eastern Church Studies.

With regard to European transformation and identity processes, the historical dimension of the subject is of particular importance.

News from Eastern Church Studies and Orthodox Religious Education


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New Publications

Thomas Németh is an author in the anthology "The 'Lviv Sobor' of 1946 and Its Aftermath. Towards Truth and Reconciliation", which has just been published in the series Eastern Christian Studies, vol. 34 (edited by Adam A.J. DeVille and Daniel Galadza) by Brill, Leiden/Boston, with the essay "Canoncial Considerations on the Legitimacy of the 'Lviv Sobor' of 1946" (co-author: Teodor Martynyuk).

Ioan Moga, Orthodoxe Selbst- und Fremdbilder. Identitätsdiskurse der rumänischen orthodoxen Theologie des 20. Jh. im Verhältnis zur Römisch-Katholischen Kirche (Orthodox Images of Self and Other. Discourses of Identity in 20th Century Romanian Orthodox Theology in Relation to the Roman Catholic Church). Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society. - Volume 18

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David Heith-Stade

Byzantine prayer book in Swedish with prayers from the Greek and Slavic traditions. Translation and selection by Dr. David Heith-Stade.

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